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"HUGE puff on the song Waiting To Die. Some listeners said it was the best 420 Homegrown they've heard so far, so it did reeeeally well. 
I love being part of a station that allows me to support the local music scene and to give these talented bands some exposure!"
- Marija of 95.1 Will Rock

"I love the new EP from Chicago band WRECKED which includes the great songs: ENEMY, WAKE UP and REMEMBER ME that feature blistering guitar work and powerful lead vocals that demand you play the EP LOUD and OFTEN."
- Mark Mazzetti, Mark Mazzetti/President, RECORD COMPANY IN A BOX, Los Angeles

"I liked it. Yes you should be blown over by a feather because usually you have to be David Draiman for me to like you or your band, but I like them. Give them a listen and see if you do as well. -Lick ya later -Aniviel "
- Aniviel, Heavy Metal Nation
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